Dr. W.A. van Uum
MSc, Drs
Drs. W.A. van Uum studied at the VU University in Amsterdam and at the University of Queensland in Brisbane after graduated from Amsterdam ACTA University in 2006. After completion, he focused on endodontics and worked in a referral practice for endodontics. After the first year of working as a dentist, he followed the education of Implantology from ITI at the University of Bern and Florence, Italy.

Since 2007 he is practicing implantology in his own clinics, national and international clinics and is focused in surgery. In addition Drs. W.A. van Uum mentors and coaches other Dentists to advance their own dental practice and gives practical hands-on training in Implantology and Tissue Regeneration in his own clinic with live-surgery.